Welcome to Ataraxia Linux

A fast and compact Linux distribution using musl libc

What is this?

Ataraxia Linux is a fast and compact Linux distribution which uses musl libc. This is an independent distribution - it was made from scratch. It's goal is to be efficient, optimised and minimal. It uses it's own package manager, which is forked from "pkgutils", which came from CRUX. Ataraxia Linux is a general purpose distribution, but it is mainly aimed towards advanced Linux users. Ataraxia Linux was compiled with a hardened toolchain for better security. Ataraxia Linux is a rolling distribution, allowing you to use the latest software. We have pretty good hardware support.

How can I contact and help you with development?

You can e-mail us and give some suggestions or help us by contributing to this project on GitHub. Also, you can submit Ataraxia on DistroWatch, just click here. We have a Discord Server. To subscribe to our mailing lists, click here.

Financial support

Ataraxia Linux is not a commercial company! We'll glad to receive your donations. We are using Ethereum cryptocurrency for that.

Ethereum Wallet: 0xe72931051e4adb1c79bbacad1e1427b2d4ed0d01

Latest Commits

Latest News

"Snapshot on May 20 2019 available" - May 21, 2019

We've released snapshot for PowerPC64 (Big-Endian and Little-Endian). This is interim release made to show what we've done in 2 months. Download and changelog

"Switched to OpenRC" - May 19, 2019

We glad to announce that we moved to OpenRC! We had issues with runit and initscripts. Also we added netifrc from Gentoo Linux.

"januslinux is Ataraxia Linux" - April 4, 2019

We have changed name to Ataraxia Linux.

"januslinux is dead." - March 32, 2019

januslinux is dead. Also Linux and BSD are dying too!

"januslinux tech preview 1 was released" - March 27, 2019

We pleased to announce that a new release has arrived! Changelog and downloads: https://github.com/ataraxialinux/ataraxia/releases/tag/tp1

"Discord Server" - March 5, 2019

We pleased to announce that we opened a Discord Server!

"New package manager for januslinux" - Feb 8, 2019

We pleased to announce that we have our brand new package manager called "ne"! Click here for more information.